Crazy Olympic T-Shirt Designs
2019 Design Guidelines*
  1. Artwork should be drawn and submitted in a vector file format. Vector file formats include the files created and manipulated by software products such as Arts & Letters Express®, Adobe Illustrator®, and Corel Draw®. Click here to download a free vector graphics editor. (Note: Adobe Photoshop is not a vector graphics editor).
  2. With your design submission, include your artwork file(s) and a printed proof design (download sample template here).
  3. Submit a complete design for both the front and back of the t-shirt.
  4. Lettering needs to include the Youth Conference year, topic and verse.
  5. The verse, or part of verse, is to be taken from the year's topic.
  6. Graphics must be original artwork and cannot violate copyright rules.
  7. Lettering and graphics must be black, white and/or grey (no colors).
  8. Designs are subject to committee review and will only be accepted if they are deemed appropriate.
* Only designs which comply with ALL of the above guidelines will be accepted.
Multiple designs may be submitted by the same person.


Submit your design

Deadline: June 22, 2019


Please e-mail your design to


Design Submissions

We will post design submissions here as we receive them