Youth Conference Workbook Archive

Welcome to the Conference Workbook Archive! Over the past several years, we have received a number of requests for old Conference Workbooks. We have started archiving some of these workbooks in electronic form.

The Workbooks are a fantastic resource and a useful aid during personal or group study of God's word. We hope to post files here so that you can download them and use them as study notes for Sunday Schools, CYCs, Gatherings, ... and many other possibilities.

Listed below, by year, topic, section, and file type, are previous Workbooks. We have attempted to slice the books into file sizes that are logical, and easy to download. Please note that some graphics, and formatting may be different than the original hard copies.

Should you have any questions, please contact Bro. Darryl Rose. If you don't see it on this page then it is not available electronically yet. We will slowly add to this list as time allows. May our Lord God bless us as we endeavor to search his Word and as we await the glorious return of His Son.

Love in Christ,
The Youth Conference Committee

2023 - David’s Fugitive Years

2022 - Esther

2019 - Colossians

2018 - Abraham and Sarah

2017 - The Epistle of James

2016 - Psalms of the Sons of Korah

2015 - The Life of Timothy

2014 - Elijah

2013 - Genesis 1-4

2012 - Jehoshaphat

2011 - The Book of Job

2010 - The Apostle Paul: Ministering for Jerusalem

2009 - Return of the Exiles

2008 - Parables in the Gospel of Luke

2007 - Moses

2006 - The Eight Signs of John

2005 - The Book of Daniel

2004 - Thessalonians: “Steadfastness while waiting for the return of Christ”

2003 - Ruth: “…Under whose wings thou art come to trust.”

2002 - Joseph: I Seek My Brethren

2001 - Revelation: Behold I Make All Things New

2000 - Ephesians: Walk Worthy of the Vocation Wherewith Ye Are Called

1999 - First Principles: The Nature of God and of Man

1998 - Proverbs 1-9, 31: Wisdom vs. Folly

1997 - The Law and the Offerings

1996 - The Last Week of Christ’s Life

1995 - Elijah: How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?

1994 - Philippians: I Press Toward the Mark

1993 - Amos: Prepare To Meet Thy God, O Israel

1992 - Sermon on the Mount

1991 - The First Epistle to Timothy

1990 - Genesis 1- 4

1989 - Revelation 1-7

1988 - Daniel 1-8

1987 - Acts of the Apostles