T-shirt designs for MYC

The deadline for submitting designs this year is June 1st. Please send your designs to gabriel.elisha.m@gmail.com.

2024 Design Guidelines
Artwork should be drawn and submitted in a vector file format. Vector file formats include the files created and manipulated by software products such as Arts & Letters Express®, Adobe Illustrator®, and CorelDRAW®. Click here to download a free vector graphics editor. (Note: Adobe Photoshop® is not a vector graphics editor). With your design submission, include your artwork file(s) and a printed proof design (download sample template here).

Submit a complete design for both the front and back of the t-shirt.
Lettering should include the Youth Conference year, topic, and verse.
The verse, or verse segment, should be taken from this year’s topic: 1st Peter.
Graphics must be original artwork and cannot violate copyright rules.
Lettering and graphics should be black, white and/or grey (no colors).
Designs are subject to committee review.
Please follow ALL of the above guidelines so we can post your design!!
Also, anyone is welcome to submit multiple designs!