Directions And Ferry Info

Directions to Manitoulin Island

The Conference is located on Manitoulin Island, approximately 7 hours from the Southern Ontario region. The island is accessible by road from the north (south of Espanola), or by the ferry that crosses Georgian Bay from the south. Detailed directions using these two approaches are included below. A road map has also been provided for your convenience.

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Addresses & GPS Information:

Manitoulin Bible Camp
134 Cooper Road
Central Manitoulin, ON  P0P 1S0

GPS Directions to Camp:

Option 1: Search for “Christadelphian Bible Camp, Central Manitoulin”
Option 2: Enter the camp address above

Camp Property & Facilities:

The property and facilities of the Manitoulin Bible Camp are privately owned and operated. They are NOT available to the public for any purpose and are strictly for the use of official registrants at the Bible camps, or those otherwise authorized to do so, only during the week of the camp.

All the land outside the fenced area of the camp and the property surrounding the main road into the camp are private property. Please do not trespass!

Ferry Information

The Chi-Cheemaun ferry is an excellent alternative to driving the full way to the Conference. The ferry makes a limited number of trips per day between Tobermory (in Southern Ontario) and South Baymouth (on Manitoulin Island). While it does not save a whole lot of time, the ferry provides a relaxing and scenic option for travel.

The ferry trip is 1 hour, 45 minutes, and food can be purchased on board.

Reservation Information

If you are planning to take the ferry, you are advised to make car & passenger reservations several weeks or months ahead of time. Check current fares and schedules by calling 1-800-265-3163, or by visiting the Chi-Cheemaun ferry website at the link provided.

Remember, you must arrive and check in at least 1 hour ahead of the departure time in order to keep your reservation.


As of 2023, one-way fares were $18.05 CDN per person (walk-on or passenger) and starting from $49.10 CDN per vehicle (in addition to passengers). Fares are higher for trailers and larger vehicles. Walk-on passengers are permitted luggage space on the boarding deck.

Ferry Terminal Addresses

Tobermory Ferry Terminal:

8 Eliza St.
Tobermory, ON  N0H 2R0

South Baymouth Ferry Terminal:

41 Water St.
South Baymouth, ON  P0P 1Z0