Parables in the Gospel of Luke - 2008


Sunday: Chris Sales

Evening Programs – Chris Sales

Mon: The Unjust Steward

Tue: The Two Debtors

Wed: The Rich Man & Lazarus

Thu: The Pounds

Study Day – Tecwyn Morgan

Class 1: Luke and His Gospel

Class 2: Why Jesus Spoke in Parables

Supplemental Talks

Bro. John Mannell

Parables 1 – Parables Overview

Parables 2 – Parable of Sower

Bro. Darryl Rose

Sown Among Thorns (CYC Class): Parables of Sower & Rich Man

Parables of the Messiah 1 (Bible Class): Parable of Sower

Parables of the Messiah 2 (Bible Class): Sower & 2 Builders

The Good Samaritan (Exhortation)

Bro. Roger Lewis

Luke: The Face of a Man

Parables of the Lost: Finding Lost Goods

Parables of the Lost: Saving Lost Sons

Parables of the Lost: Seeking Lost Brethren