Genesis 1-4 - 2013

Morning Introductions – Jim Cowie

Mon: Genesis 1:1-19

Tue: Genesis 1:20-2:7

Wed: Genesis 2:8-25

Thu: Genesis 3

Fri: Genesis 4

Evening Programs – Jim Cowie

Sun: The Token of the Covenant (Gen. 9:1-17)

Mon: The Prophecies of Noah (Gen. 9:18-29)

Tue: When the Most High Divided the Nations (Gen. 10)

Wed: The Rise of Babylon The Great (Gen. 11:1-9)

Thu: I Will Make of Thee a Great Nation (Gen. 11:10-12:3)

Seminar Files

Jim Cowie – Humanism’s Challenge for Christadelphian Young People

James DiLiberto – Lord, Teach Us To Connect – Preaching and Teaching 101

Supplemental Study Resources

Book: Genesis Expositor, H.P. Mansfield

Audio Classes:

In The Beginning – Darryl Rose

Class 1 – In Six Days God Created

Class 2 – Let Us Make Man In Our Image

Class 3 – In The Day Thou Eatest Thereof

Exhortation – The Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ