Jehoshaphat - 2012


Sunday: Dan Osborn

Evening Programs – Dan Osborn

Monday – Music of the Word – God’s Purpose for Music

Tuesday – Music of Israel – the Power of Principle

Wednesday – Music of the World – O Be Careful Little Ears

Thursday – Music in the Brotherhood – History & Heritage

Seminar Files

The Last Passover Meal – Jesse Adair

Supplemental Study Resources


CMPA; Ashton, Michael In Asa’s Days the Land was Quiet

CMPA; Pritchard, Trevor; Jehoshaphat

CMPA; Ashton, Michael; Jehoshaphat and the Judgement of God

CMPA; Perry, Lynn; Dating Outside the Household

CMPA; Jenkins, Laurence; Marriage and the Light of Truth

Osborn, Dan; Courtship and Marriage in the Truth

CMPA; Foster, Robin A.; Scripture and Music

CMPA; Loxley, W.E.; Music in the Temple Service

CMPA; Collyer, Islip; Music in the Time of David

The Hymn; Roberts, Wesley; The Hymnody of Christadelphians

Chart of the Kings

Audio Classes:

Jehoshaphat – Carl Parry

Class 1 – His Heart was Lifted Up

Class 2 – The Alliance with Ahab

Class 3 – Justice and Judgment in Judah

Class 4 – The Prayer of Faith

Class 5 – The Victory of Faith

Lewis, Roger; The Heritage of our Songs of Worship, and How to Avoid Their Corruption

Lewis, Roger; Music in the Ecclesia

The House of Asaph – Family of Faith and Masters of Music – Roger Lewis

Class 1 – The Founding of the House of Asaph

Class 2 – The Spirit of the House of Asaph

Class 3 – The Psalms of the House of Asaph

Class 4 – The Zeal of the House of Asaph

Class 5 – The Faithfulness of the House of Asaph

Class 6 – The Secret of the House of Asaph

2009 MACBS; Lewis, Roger; The Wisdom of Hezekiah and the Folly of Jehoshaphat